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prayer answered & now?? View Comment
  • @nachar56
  • July 1, 2020

Hello Brother Sebera, Our Heavenly Father does not forsake us for no reasons. Diana maybe going through trials and tribulation the result of depression and loss of driver licence. Ask her to breathe, then take short steps as He whisper's in her ears about her journey. She has to listen...

Great information.  I just finish chapter one Ministry of Presence.  There is much require of those seeking to become chaplains. This course is fulfilling.

Hello All,      This article confirm for me that we are God's Angels residing on earth with all our earthly flaws. He knows we are winners. Yet, there are times Brokenness is His journey for believers and non-believers. Without brokenness when will we as Christians make time to heal...

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Tennessee Excitement! View Comment
  • @nachar56
  • May 28, 2020

Hello Elder Moore, It is a joy reading through NACM sites. Your informative guidance regarding ordaination is fruitful. As I learn more those I minister with surely need know about grace served here in God's name. Salvation is our strength. Bless you for sharing... Ken Harvey Minister    

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