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Permit me to start this brief self-introduction by first and foremost borrowing the song lyrics of the Williams that says I am a nobody telling everybody about Somebody (Jesus Christ) who can save anybody. I want to also add that I was once without mercy and hope, but now I have mercy and hope in God Almighty through His Son: Jesus Christ. That is being, I am a born-again Adventist Christian and I started my ministry as a community service leader of the church that my family and I attend. And as a leader of this sub-ministry of the church, I was able to lead the church to partner with some homeless shelters here in the state of Georgia and through this partnership the lives of many individuals at these shelters were transformed through our ministry of counseling (substance abuse, anger management, job), feeding, clothing, biblical teaching, and other different services. I have been called by God Almighty through Jesus Christ to preach the glorious gospel of the kingdom to the poor, to those who are brokenhearted, to those who are in captivity or prisons according to Isaiah 61:1-3. I had also the opportunity to lead as the leader of the Personal Ministry (Evangelism) of the church from January of 2018 to December of 2019 and this was after God Almighty had helped me to lead the community service department for 4 years (2013-2017). I also went into partnership with a non-profit organization that is called Start of A New Day, so that I could help in ministering to men who are transitioning from prisons to our society.

Besides, just like I have indicated above based on Isaiah 61, my God-giving interest is to minister to the poor, to the brokenhearted, to those who are in captivity of different forms, prisoners, and several others individuals that God Almighty in His infinite mercies may grant me the grace to preach the glorious gospel to. I am leaning seriously on the power of God Almighty to start out as an ordained pastor/chaplain (prison and hospital) and then proceed into globe mission. God Almighty has also put it in my heart the desire to travel to different villages around the globe where the glorious gospel of the kingdom has not become so meaningful in the lives of people that live in these different villages of the different countries of the world. Hence, educationally, I hold Bachelor of Science in psychology with concentration in crisis counselling and I recently (April 2020) completed my Master of Divinity Program. I did my Bachelor of Science at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia whereas my Master of Divinity degree is at Luther Rice College and Seminary.

Finally, my personal testimony is indeed something that will not contain even five pages if I begin to explain everything here, but I would make it short because of the brevity of this write-up. My first personal testimony has to do with the second chance that God Almighty granted unto me by visiting me in March of 2013 and commanded me to surrender to His call as a minister after I had hardened my heart to His call for six (6) years. Honestly, this visitation of God Almighty is an experience that I continue to be grateful to God Almighty for because immediately I surrendered all to the call of God as one of His servants, then I started to experience the peace that I never experienced before in my life. God Almighty was also able to break several yokes in my life and continue to cause me to experience His special grace and different miracles that I never even imagined. Another personal testimony is how God Almighty has been able to bless me with a lovely and wonderful wife that has the true heart or desire for the preaching of the glorious gospel of the kingdom of God Almighty in Christ Jesus. Being able to successfully complete my Master of Divinity Program within 3 years is another personal testimony that I cannot take for granted because if not for God Almighty, there was no way I could complete such a massive program of 90 credit hours within such a time-frame even as a father, working to provide for my family and ministering to other people as well.


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