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As a child I came from Christian Grandparents who had their hands in my up bringing. I do admit that I did not always follow God’s laws as I grew into a adult. I knew what the Bible said, I knew I was not following it. However, in 2010 I needed to turn my life around. I was not a bad person but not living as a Christian. I went back to Church. I remember my Grandfather telling me (when I was 10) that someday I would be a teacher or pastor of God’s word. He told me this because I loved reading the Bible with him and Singing in the Choir. So in 2010 I rejoined the church and became a lay servant. In 2011 I became a Certified lay servant and did get to preach in a few of the Methodist churches around down. In 2012 I went to the Methodist Church school and became a Certified Lay Minister. I did more preaching and teaching of God’s word. I was at the pulpit more giving the pastoral prayers, teaching God’s word, and all the while doing the steps in the Book of Discipline to become a full pastor. After 18 months I found out the Methodist Ministers must retire at the age of 70. I was pass that age by a year. Ordination was very important to me, so I did the steps to continue with Ordination. I gave up being a Certified Lay Minister because you can’t be both, So I don’t preach and teach at the Church but I do on my social sites. I also join in all Bible studies, and other Church activities to learn and to teach. I have done a Couple of Weddings for the Family, but my goal is to spread the word of God as much as I can. The community where I live knows me a Pastor Bob and they come to me for Spiritual help and prayers. I don’t believe age should be a factor in serving the Lord. I don’t believe age should set me on the sideline as a pastor. I am thinking of opening (if I can) a small Nondenominational church here in El Paso, and have started looking into it. Texas does have a few throughout the state.

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