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I was raised in the church, my grandmother ushered for over 50 plus years, my mother a Sunday school teacher for over 40 years, and father was a gospel singer for 40 years.As I got older I left away from the church for a while because I saw things that did not seem right to me and cause me to doubt what being a Christian truly meant. As I began to seek GOD for myself, HE began to show me things and do things in my life that HE could only do. I realized that HE was the only way and I wanted more of HIM.I rededicated my life to HIM and I have been sold out for JESUS ever since that day. I don’t always get it right and may have slipped a few times but I haven’t stayed there, I got back up.I was ordained and licensed through NACM in 2015.I am currently serving as a Elder in my local church. I have 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grand child.I have dedicated my life to serving Christ and building HIS Kingdom.May I be everything that God has called me to be, In JESUS Name!

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