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Bi-Vocational Pastor, Pilipinas Message of the Cross Church, Naga City, Philippines and Founder of The Be Somebody Foundation, Naga City, PhilippinesEducation: B.S. Degree Business -UNCP; Masters Study in Org. Dynamic- Univ. of Penn; Various CEU’s and Certificates in Divinity studyChurch: Pentecostal Baptist and LutheranPersonal: Wife Claire and Daughter Camille in Naga City, PhilippinesMinistry; Be Somebody Foundation (Facebook) reaching out with assistance in Christ’s name to the poor and needy children in the Philippines (currently in Naga City, Bicol region). I work full time as a business executive while supporting my ministry with the help of family and friends in the Philippines. Plan to retire to the Philippines in full time ministry soon and continue to expand the Ministry.Hobbies/Interest: Studying and Spreading the Gospel every chance I get.Be Somebody Foundation Ministry (BSF) and Rev. Jay Ramada Ministry (Partners in Christ)Childrens and Elderly Mission for Christ in the PhilippinesBSF founded by Chaplain Robert and Claire WestRev. Jay Ramada’s ministry founded by Rev. Jay.www.bsfministry.comor go to: Message of the Cross Church (Church Planting Phase)Independent Church-Evangelical Gospel Message of the Cross of ChristPastorial and/or Visiting Minister: Chaplain Robert and/or Rev. Jay Ramada

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