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  1. Greetings, Mr. Pineda! Blessings in the Lord. I received a message that you replied to my discussion question but I am unable to see it. Can you please do me a favor and answer the questions here, I would greatly appreciate it. I see that you are also a Divinity Student. That's awesome! Glory be to God. If I can be of any help and support to you in your program and in your ministry please let me know. I would be happy to help. I will keep you and your family and church in prayer. I used to live in Fl. I worked as a nurse, mainly in Geriatrics and Hospice. I am familiar with your area. Blessing to you and your wife for obeying God's command to seek and serve the lost together, that's what marriage is really about. I look forward to connecting with you all. If you can answer the questions this week before Sunday that would be great. I sincerely thank you in advance. ~ Min. Makeda Ansah



    Name of ministry:

    City, State:

    Years of service:

    Contact information:

    (phone and email):

    Between the three issues of Racism, Poverty, and Same-Sex Attraction and the church,

    which one of these are you most passionate about and why are you passionate about

    this specific area of ministry?

    d.   Why do you believe the church should be engaged in this type of ministry?

    e.   What are the biggest challenges you face to doing ministry in the remaining two areas

    of ministry that you are least passionate about is applicable? (Racism, Poverty or

    Same-Sex Attraction).

    f.    What have been at least three of the most effective best practices for engaging in

    either of these above communities well?

    g.   What passages of Scripture have really shaped you in doing the kind of ministry you

    are currently engaged in concerning Racism, Poverty, or Same-Sex Attraction?

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