Chaplaincy CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educ) Classes Starting Soon! (FEB 2021)

ATTENTION NACM MEMBER CHAPLAINS interested in acquiring CPE Training (towards Board Certification for Professional Chaplain)

Our NACM Member Chaplain & trainer for CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educ.), Chaplain “Chappy” Ron Ringo (PhD, CPE), has opened registration until the end of this month of January, 2021, for classes starting early FEB.  Chaplain Ron provides a very reasonable tuition for CPE units to our NACM member chaplains; he also works in connection with WSHO (World Spiritual Health Org.), a Christian Certification Board for Chaplains, for assisting chaplains in obtaining their Board Certification.

So if you are interested, PLEASE CALL CHAPPY RON for more information & how to register at:  619-855-5446


21 thoughts on “Chaplaincy CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educ) Classes Starting Soon! (FEB 2021)”

  1. Hello, Elder Robert Niemeier, it has been a some time since I have been able to participate with my beloved group for medical reasons. I am back and I too will call Chappy Ron regarding  "Chaplaincy CPE classes starting soon". Taffy Moore-Russell. 

    • Hello Ted – thanks for your good question.  Please do call CHAPPY RON at his phone number posted above to get an answer to that question.  I know in the previous year it was $700+ per unit (there are 4 units of CPE); and that is considerably less than what is usually charged (averages around $1,000 per unit/semester).  The great thing is that it is an online training, though you do your internship locally, setting yourself up with a board certified professional chaplain (hospital staff chaplain or other).  

      Hope that helps and you have a good conversation with Chaplain Ron Ringo.

      • I'll add that this cost seems very reasonable. Fifteen years ago when I did my units, they were $500 each based on 7 free nights of in house on call plus, I think, about 400 free floor hours.  I was told that the free time was to offset the approximately $3000 per person per unit cost to the hospital for the Supervisor, staff support time and miscellaneous costs.

  2. I just found an inquiry from one of our new Ohio Group members who is searching for God's direction in ministry with a focus on prison ministry and/ or nursing home ministry, both of which would benefit her from having completed a unit of CPE. I just replied to her that a unit of CPE would be helpful, suggesting she apply for this coming unit. However, she also indicated that she struggles with negotiating the NACM website. This is all this is to say, perhaps it would be good to reach out to her (Jeanine D Roberts) with a helping hand in regard to getting connected with the new CPE group being offered.

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