‘Shaking A Fist In The Creator’s Face’: Franklin Graham Slams Gender-Neutral House Rules, ‘Awoman’ Prayer

Article By Dan Brown; Syndicated from the Daily Wire.   Evangelist Franklin Graham blasted the recent gender-neutral changes made to the House of Representatives’ official rules as a direct attack on the authority of God. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressman James McGovern announced a set of changes to the House rules to enshrine … Read more

Dance Floor Where John the Baptist Was Condemned to Death

Article Curated from Live Science.  By Owen Jarus Archaeologists believe that this niche represents the remains of the throne of Herod Antipas. From here, the decision to execute John the Baptist may have been made. Archaeologists claim that they have identified the deadly dance floor where John the Baptist — a preacher who foretold the … Read more

Spiritually remote: How the pandemic is affecting already declining church attendance

Article Syndicated BY JADE CAMPOS FOR THE CDT   Dwindling daylight shimmers through the stained glass and onto the pews of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in State College on a Sunday in late autumn as the sun sets on its 5 p.m. service.   Congregants shuffle in and take their seats quietly under the towering … Read more