Young people are “taste-testing” religions to chart their own path to spirituality.

By Sydney Clarke, Syndicated from Generation Z, currently between the ages of nine and 24, is leading the fight against racial injustice, bringing about climate change awareness and legislation, and dismantling the systems that perpetuate historical disadvantages. By no means are we the pioneers of religious taste-testing—sampling, as many of us do, a wide … Read more

Preaching on Zoom: Covid-19 churchgoing in the US

By ARIELLE PADRES, Syndicated from WIRED.COM For Clay Scroggins, preaching on Zoom was never part of the plan. As lead pastor at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, he was accustomed to services in a 3,000-seat auditorium, with live music and a jumbotron for people in the back. But God’s plan is often mysterious, so when the city … Read more

Is Your Church Prepared to Be Found?

By ABBY PERRY, Syndicated from Christianity Today It’s no wonder that pastors are exhausted. They spent 2020 facing questions like how can I reach people when we can’t gather together? and how can we minister with integrity and depth in a virtual context? Many church leaders also faced COVID-19 restrictions, racial tension, and political polarization. Weary leaders entering the … Read more