What is Theology

What is Theology? The following information is a portion of the content from our Mentor Program Reporting for NACM: Michael Mooney, ministry practitioner   What is Theology? Theology is defined as “the systematic study of the nature of God and God’s relationship with humanity and with the world. Although other religions may be said to … Read more What is Theology


RESPONDING TO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK Note: You may do this assignment with another in a 24 hour period. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you answer this question honestly, and when you are ready please answer: Which of the following words best describes your usual reaction to negative feedback? Fear Anger Denial Sadness Curiosity Gratitude Reference … Read more NEGATIVE FEEDBACK

5 Levels Of Leadership

THE FIVE LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP Thought: True leaders have people follow them out of will -instead of obligation. Please follow this link and read the material: http://www.pollicemanagement.com/doc/The_Five_Levels_of_Leadership.pdf Assignment: 1) Please explain (in your own words) the five different levels of leadership. 2) How have you seen “level 1” leaders reach the height of their incompetence … Read more 5 Levels Of Leadership

Communication Types

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication American Deciphering of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Michael P. Mooney Verbal Communication Defined It does not seem possible to consciously exist in an environment where communication on some level does not transpire through the interpretation of external stimuli. However, to attach the word “verbal” to the concept of communication is … Read more Communication Types

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