NEW NACM COURSE! Essential Elements of Effective Ministry Leadership 101

We are pleased to announcement an excellent new training for NACM member ministers – whatever your ministry calling! NACM member, pastor, adjunct professor, certified coach, teacher, trainer, speaker with the John Maxwell Team, Rev Ruth Easterling specializes in Christian leadership development: helping Christian Ministers actualize their life & ministry visions and become effective leaders!  Having … Read more

Into 2021: NACM Chaplaincy Course Trains over 1,000 Members!

         Rev Rodger Niemeier, NACM Chaplaincy Program Director I’m so happy to report at the beginning of this 2021 year, with so many challenges to face in America as well as many countries around the world, the NACM has added to the Lord’s “army” over 1,030 ordained, trained (through our NACM Christian … Read more


A HELPFUL FREE GUIDE FOR CHRISTIANS & MINISTERS ADDRESSING CURRENT WORLD VIEWS ON HUMAN SEXUALITY With the current push to instill worldly ideas of sexuality in the media and even public education, Christians need to be accurately informed in the Scriptures more than ever, and know how to persuasively articulate God’s truths and principles. A … Read more