Nov. Ministry Updates, Gatherings and Chaplain Opportunities

UPCOMING NACM STATE GATHERINGS (including ordination confirmation ceremony with laying-on-of-hands blessing for NACM ordained ministers/chaplains) NOV 12th – ILLINOIS (+Wisconsin) DEC 10th – FLORIDA NEWLY APPOINTED NACM ELDERS:  (meet them on their State webpages) Pennsylvania State Coordinating Elder Greg Ramble (   Nevada’s FIRST State Coordinating Elder, Rev Leo Gomez (   South Carolina’s FIRST … Read more


FELLOW NACM MEMBERS & MINISTERS:  Would you please join in prayer for this young daughter, EMMA.  This was relayed to me through a NACM member minister’s post on LinkedIn: Mark R. McCoy• 3rd+Sr. Director of Sales at AllClear Aerospace & Defense8h • Edited • 8 hours ago This is one of the hardest messages I have … Read more

VOTING: A US Citizen’s Right, A Christian’s Power of Influence

TO NOT VOTE is TO VOTE!  Absent votes cause even a majority to lose their influence.  Did you know: “An estimated 25 million Christians who are registered to vote fail to vote in presidential elections, and an estimated 65 million Christians do not participate in local elections. If Christians abandon the public square, we will … Read more

CPE Training for NACM Member Chaplains seeking it – OCT 26th!

UPCOMING OCTOBER 26th CPE classes for NACM Members desiring them: sign up ASAP! CPE (CLINICAL PASTORAL EDUCATION) – the 4 UNITS REQUIRED for becoming a board certified “professional chaplain/pastoral counselor” (opening doors to becoming a paid staff chaplain at a hospital, military, police department, fire department, prison system, hospice, corporation, university, etc.), continues to be offered … Read more

October Ministry Gatherings and Updates

NACM STATE GATHERINGS THIS MONTH OF OCTOBER (and on!)  – Any NACM member can attend any State Gathering, whether you reside in that State or not – State Gathering always include an Ordination Confirmation ceremony (laying on of hands) for NACM members already ordained through the online process and desiring such    PENNSYLVANIA STATE GATHERING … Read more

SEPT 28th: NACM Member Offers Another Free Parenting Webinar

ANOTHER FREE WEBINAR for CHRISTIAN PARENTING from OPERATION:PARENT NACM Member Minister Jean Schumm offers another free webinar to NACM member ministers, with the hope it can be helpful not only to you, but also to those you minister to (congregation, etc.). PARENT CONCERN TOPIC: EFFECTS of TECHNOLOGY on Brain Development We parents used to call … Read more


Greetings in Christ, Fellow NACM Members: THIS BEING the month of SEPTEMBER, THIS IS SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH:  Every Christian minister should know and carry this information: If you or someone you know is thinking about harming themselves, please call:    988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline  –  Available 24 hours a day – Languages: English, Spanish … Read more

SEPT 17 2022 ALABAMA STATE GATHERING (Neighboring States Welcome)

ATTENTION NACM MEMBERS!  If you have been desiring laying-on-of-hands to confirm your NACM Ordination, Come to the SEPT 17th ALABAMA (Mississippi & nearby States) NACM GATHERING! If you live or happen to be coming through Central Alabama area- Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery to Cullman , you may just be less an hour/hour 1/2 from Alabaster… We … Read more

September Ministry Updates

State Gatherings in SEPTEMBER 2022 (click on the State’s name (blue lettering) for detailed information SEPT 10  TENNESSEE (Mid State) SEPT 17  ALABAMA SEPT 18  FLORIDA SEPT 24  NORTH CAROLINA OCT  15  1st TEXAS STATE NACM GATHERING Check your State webpage on the NACM website to see if your State will be planning a Gathering!             … Read more

August Ministry Gatherings and Updates

  UPCOMING STATE GATHERINGS – for NACM member ministers to fellowship, encouragement in the Lord, and Ordination Confirmation (laying on of hands blessing for NACM online-ordained ministers): EASTERN TENNESSEE (Elder Jody Secaur): AUG 13th (see announcement/info on the TN State web page)  – Exec. Elder Michael Mooney and his wife Julia attending. NEW YORK: (St … Read more

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