UPDATED LIST of Planned (yet in planning) 2021 NACM STATE GATHERINGS Which will include an ORDINATION CONFIRMATION CEREMONY (laying on of hands blessing for NACM already-ordained member ministers desiring such). Let’s come together in the Spirit of Jesus and encourage one another greatly in these challenging times! FELLOWSHIP + PRAYER TOGETHER +   TENNESSEE STATE … Read more

NACM Member Chaplain & Elder Contracts Covid Virus: needs our prayers

Dear Fellow Ministers in Christ; I just heard from our Elder for West Virginia that he has been ill the last couple days and has tested positive for Covid virus.  PLEASE JOIN IN PRAYING FOR our Brother & Chaplain MARVIN SCHREBE – and others who have contracted the virus at the VA Center where Marvin … Read more


Hi West Virginia As usual the blessings of the Holy Spirit in my life are overflowing. I got through the test I was anxious about in Oceanography. I don’t know that I got a high mark on it, but I at least passed it. I also received a blessing from the commander of the Salvation … Read more


Hi West Virginia I have a prayer request. Pray that I can get through my oceanography class with my wits in tact. I just started back to school at Marshall University. I have to have one more science class to meet my graduation requirements. I took oceanography because the advisor thought it would be the … Read more

Accountability Partners

Hi West Virginia   Tomorrow is Lord’s Day. After the meeting tomorrow, I will be meeting with my accountability partner.  I was just wondering howothers feel about accountability partners? Do you feel they are necessary?  Why or why not? I feel that it is necessary to have an accountability partner in my life. As most … Read more


Hi West Virginia As some of you may know, one of the things I have done with a huge part of my life is try to be a writer. While I was never really equipped to make it professionally, I have published a few books and I maintain a presence on the writer’s web site … Read more

prayer answered & now??

Vance my step son has come back to Jesus Christ –He was missing for 2 months ! Tuesday August 6,2019 in the morning ! He had been at the hospital & they Hooked him up with a CHRISTIAN GROUP That to him to N.C. – He had been traveling with them ! He has finally … Read more


Paul tells us to examine ourselves daily to be sure we are still in the will of Christ, 2 Corinthians 13: 5-7. As a soldier in the Salvation Army I signed a covenant between the Salvation Army, Myself, and God that I would do certain things and avoid doing certain other things. For example I … Read more