Priesthood of All Believers

Priesthood of All Believers: Explained and Supported in Scripture This article:  1) defines the priesthood of all believers; 2) reviews its origin in church history; and 3) supports the doctrine with scripture. Protestantism is a Christian system of beliefs that resulted in the independent separation of believers from the authority of the Catholic Church.  This event in church […]

The Call for Christian Ministry

The call for Christian ministry has grown tremendously in recent years, as the United States continues to see an unprecedented number of Christian denominations. The goal of this call is to help all people understand the true meaning of faith and to encourage members of the Christian community to stand up boldly for their beliefs. […]

Using Others at Christ’s Expense

Have you ever known a devout Christian lady who cuts hair for a living? Trimming hair is her profession, and she does her work with excellence. It is how she feeds her family, provides a place to live, and pays her bills.  Despite knowing this, fellow Christians expect a “discount” for doing business with her … Read more Using Others at Christ’s Expense

RACISM: How Christian Ministers Can Effect Change

When you read Paul’s (& the other NT writers’) epistles, you can tell what the HOT TOPICS of the church and the present culture were focused and concerned about.  The Gospel we bring is ALWAYS applicable to current concerns of the times in which the Church lives – then and now.  We are to bring … Read more RACISM: How Christian Ministers Can Effect Change

Physical First Reality

Introduction To Reality of The Physical First Reporting for the Theological Mentor Program of the National Association of Christian Ministers Michael Mooney, ministry practitioner   So far we have discovered the Psychical First Principle. Because it is one of our “principles,” we will be considering it through the rest of the program and hopefully the … Read more Physical First Reality

Genesis and Revelation

The Big Picture Principle Michael Mooney, reporting for the Theological Mentor Program of the National Association of Christian Ministers  Now we begin a consideration of the big picture principle. This approach is driven by the concept of summarization. A summary is an attempt to condense a large quantity of information into a smaller portion that … Read more Genesis and Revelation

virtual team building

Virtual Team Building Exercises Case Study in “Virtual Ministry” Preliminary Information Pretend you are a member of a church that averages 1,000 in regular attendance. The church selected you to serve on a church leadership team that is being organized to make a decision about a missions opportunity in Afghanistan.   Information The team has … Read more virtual team building