Second Chance

Second chance make up assignment for those in Category 2. Second chance make up assignment for those in Category 2   Among our leadership, there is what a term used as a part of our “leadership culture”.  This term is called a “strategic post”.  A strategic post is defined as a post within the fellowship, […]

A gentle reminder

A gentle reminder Greetings Brothers and Sisters,   Please consider this a gentle reminder of the purpose of leadership hall:   In the Hall, we will begin to share with you some of the most wonderful ideas about leadership, human relations, and communication, -as they relate to Christian Ministry.  Please try to log into this […]

Leadership Hall 2.0

Welcome to Leadership Hall 2.0 Greetings and Welcome to Leadership Hall 2.0   We wish first to congratulate you on taking the initiative to better yourself, training, and skills by participating in this program.  Far too many people in the world fail to see their own needs for improvement.  You participation here demonstrates that you […]

Communication Types

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication American Deciphering of Verbal and Nonverbal CommunicationMichael P. MooneyVerbal Communication DefinedIt does not seem possible to consciously exist in an environment where communication on some level does not transpire through the interpretation of external stimuli. However, to attach the word “verbal” to the concept of communication is to qualify the […]

Goals Christian Leader

The Goals of a Christian Leader Ordained Minister’s Online Guide to Pastoring, Personal Development, & Church Leadership  The goals of a Christian Leader are:1) To help others discover and develop their gifts2) To guide others to a heart of serviceThe leader (in any organization) should be a facilitator. One who empowers others to reach their […]

5 Levels Of Leadership

THE FIVE LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP Thought: True leaders have people follow them out of will -instead of obligation.Please follow this link and read the material: Please explain (in your own words) the five different levels of leadership.2) How have you seen "level 1" leaders reach the height of their incompetence as leaders?3) What would "level […]

Three Basic Skills

THE THREE VERY BASIC SKILLS OF A LEADER By Christopher SalvatoreAbility to solve problems, resolve conflicts and make decisions.Problems happen when there is a difficult situation that needs a solution. To solve a problem a person requires ingenuity as well as facts and skills to move from the present state toward some desired goal. An […]

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