NOTICE: All NACM ministers must complete the Yearly Minister Renewal Form in order to remain “in good standing.”

Annual renewal is the process of confirming a minister’s connectedness with their ministerial fellowship.  Among the many reasons for its necessity, here are a few core points.

It demonstrates that the individual:

    • Is not deceased.
    • Is not incarcerated.
    • Is not a registered sex offender.
    • Is actively pursuing ministry.

Makes themselves accountable to their fellowship.

    • By keeping their contact details up to date.
    • Participating in fellowship (by example attending local gatherings, offering prayer, replying to discussions, knowing their local elders, etc.)
    • Seeking daily by God’s grace to live in a manner pleasing to our God.
    • Responding to our administration should someone report them for unethical conduct.  And in such a case, agreeing to have our administration guide them through resolution.

Thereby, making the minister regularly, and duly licensed as an independent minister in “good standing” with the National Association of Christian Ministers.

New Survey Says Group in the Fellowship

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Ministry In the Spotlight

You could see your pictures in ministry here on next month’s newsletter.  Simply upload to the fellowship where one of our Elders select them each month.  The first member who replies to this posting identifying the minister in the pictures will receive a special discount for their next purchase from the Spirit Shop.

New In the Spirit Shop

For the Last 10 Years the NACM Continues its Vision to Make Our Services and

Fellowship Free of Charge by the Proceeds Generated from the Spirit Shop. 

God is Good!  Thank you for supporting your ministerial association.

God first commanded Moses to make anointing oil for the blessings of the ministers saying: “You shall make of these a sacred anointing oil blended as by the perfumer; it shall be a holy anointing oil.” (Ex. 30:25).  Along with bread, wine and water, olive oil is one of the four most significant symbols in Christianity.  The use of oil in Christianity has existed since the beginning of church history. The disciples “cast out many demons and anointed with oil many who were sick and healed them.” (Mark 6:13).  It continues to be used today when ministers pray over the sick.

For years, Elder Mooney has wanted to offer a special bottle for the oil of NACM ministers.  Not ever being satisfied with his options, the project remained unfinished.

The requirements were that the bottle would be:

  • Made of Glass (but not easily breakable)
  • Resistant to Leaks
  • Resourceful with Oil without Mess or Need for Towels
  • Easy to Carry in Pockets
  • Bear the NACM Emblem

Through much trial and error, we are pleased to present to our ministers the Oil of Gladness Bottle for ministry. 

Features all of the above.  Hight stands just under 2 inches.  Width 1/2 inch, making it the perfect size for small pockets.  It holds 3ml of oil.  Please note: For US Postal Requirements, Oil is not included in the bottle.

Truly a unique and 1st class one of a kind.

First time ever discounted to just $19.99.

Now Available in Full Embroidery 


State Coordinating Elder GEORGE MEILAHN presiding:

        • For more info & to register, go to the CA webpage


  • NACM MEMBERS CAN ATTEND ANY STATE GATHERING, whether you are a resident of that State or not.
  • All NACM GATHERINGS include an ORDINATION CONFIRMATION CEREMONY (laying-on-of-hands blessing) for those ALREADY ORDAINED through the online process.  Just let the Gathering’s presiding Elder know ahead of time that you wish to participate in the ceremony (proof of ordination required).
  • ALL NACM GATHERINGS require PRIOR REGISTRATION: GO TO THE NACM STATE WEBPAGE where the Gathering is being held to ask questions and indicate your attendance.


The NACM CHRISTIAN CHAPLAINCY COURSE: (online; self-paced; no deadline; low cost)

    • Thorough, practical biblical training for Chaplaincy Basics: theology of chaplaincy and effective crisis ministering skills (grief-and-loss, death-and-dying, suicide; trauma counseling).
    • Certificate of Completion: qualifies ordained NACM minister for NACM chaplain licensing as a community or volunteer chaplain (nursing homejail, street, hospital volunteer, etc.)
    • NACM MEMBER TUITION DISCOUNT: 20% off ($31.96 instead of $39.95; type in NACMDISCOUNT in the registration process to get the discount).  2 Textbooks required ($3 – $30 depending on format selected).
    • NOTE: When registering, choose: I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT (can’t use NACM website login – must create new account for this course website

NACM’s LEADERSHIP HALL: free online/internet self-paced course.

LEAD with CONFIDENCE: Unique online group-interactive study of leadership theology and skills for effective leadership of any church or ministry organization!



    • Learn how to effectively counter people’s difficult behaviors and help them discover and address their real, root issue.  Gain specific practical skills to help people actualize real transformation in Christ!
    • NACM MEMBER TUITION DISCOUNT: 20% off ($19.95 instead of $24.95 – type discount code NACMDISCOUNT (all caps/one word) in discount code box when registering.  No books required.
    • NOTE: When registering, choose: I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT (can’t use NACM website login – must create new account for this course)


Helping People Identify, Address & Resolve First-Cause Issues (Sequel to SoulCare 101; takes up where the first course left off, and trains you in 7 effective biblical steps for helping people overcome their root issues and stay victorious).

    • MUST take 101 before 102  (Online course; Self-Paced; no books required).
    • NACM MEMBER DISCOUNT: 20% off ($19.95 instead of $24.95) – type in discount code NACMDISCOUNT  in the discount code box when registering:


These days, every Christian minister should know how to intervene & minister effectively to both DV victims and perpetrators.  This is an eye-opening learning experience to the prevalence of DV/abuse in the Christian community and how to practically and effectively minister.

    • Self-paced online course: start anytime, finish anytime.  (No textbooks needed)
    • Taught by Dr Nancy Murphy, 35+ years DV & Abuse recovery Christian Counselor (Director of Northwest Family Life – Christian counseling ctr. in Seattle, WA; graduate school professor).
    • NACM MEMBER DISCOUNT: $37 instead of $67 (public), instead of $299.95 (grad students)
    • Click on “CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE”; type  NACM in the PROMO CODE BOX; click APPLY…
    • QUESTIONS: Contact Nancy at (also if desiring academic credits for course (different price applies) or to become a trainer).


  1. Love it! Virginia does not have a state elder and as yet no gatherings. I too would love to attend a gathering and be blessed by laying of hands to further confirm my appointment to ministry by the Lord! Looking forward to taking some of the offered training as well.



  2. Just praying that God will grant all NACM ministers favor for the rest of the year. May our Lord and Savior be with you and guide you in all truth and wisdom. Let the Holy Spirit do the ministering as we are just the conduit to bring the good news of Jesus to a world which desperately needs His peace and forgiveness.

  3. Great update, thanks! As another member noted, I am hoping that a state gathering will eventually be held within driving distance of my home (Maryland). I believe in the laying-on-of-hands in ordination, and would like to receive the same at some point. Thank you again for the newsletter!

  4. Regarding the Ministry in Spotlight, I believe that is Elder Donald Darren Garris in Alabama.
    I hope to see an NACM state gathering in South Carolina, or near enough for me to drive there and back in one day.
    Thanks for posting updates, gatherings, and courses. God Bless.

  5. Not, N.S.C.M, but. N. A. C. M. I will. be with. National. Association. Of. Christian. Ministers for the rest of my life. Amen

  6. God is my hope and strength whom. I totally trust. Yes,. I will be updating my. License,hopefully in about 3 weeks. Amen. I wanted to wait until 2020 but this blessing is here. today. I say. Yes. Lord, today , I will build my foundation on planningbto be with. N. S. C. M for the rest of my life. Amen

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