Life Happened….

I originally joined NACM in 2013 and came back as a new member in 2019.

This year has been my year of rebuilding me and who I am in Christ from the bottom up.

I have been in Ministry for  over 15 years, always stepping out in faith and doing what the Lord called me to do. A street Minister by heart, I started out Ministry at The Rock Church in Kissimmee Florida, there is where I learned how to evangelize and how a Ministry is built and runs. After 2 years, the Lord moved me on to Freedom Tabernacle under Pastor Arthur & Debra Lee. Pastor Arthur was an Apostle & specialized in Deliverance & the five fold ministry. The Lord told me that Pastor Arthur will teach me who I am in Christ, after 7 years under his church, in 2011 My beloved Spiritual father passed on at a young tender age and many of were  left “alone”. Although His son in law proceeded with the church, but I didn’t feel God wanted me under his leadership so I resigned.

Since then, I have been following the Holy Spirit and what I have been taught and taking an initiative to building my own Ministry. I started out with Daughter’s of God Ministry which was bible based teachings in women of faith’s homes, then the Lord added out reach projects such as feeding the homeless, helping single mothers, etc. He then changed my name to Voices Healing Outreach  Ministries.

As time went on I tried to find a church covering for my ministry, but many of these Pastors had lots of conditions and preferred me to work in their church verses my ministry. So God brought me to NACM back in 2013. 🙂 Praise God.

In 2015, Life happened to me, as I was beginning to flourish with these outreach projects, My 18 year old daughter passed away in a motorcycle accident, then my mother passed a year later. I was so lost. But my faith in God never died. So, it took 3 years to find my identity again and with in this last year God has been re-building my life. Now, He has me away from all I ever known into a territory completely new and different in Austin Texas by myself. My first born daughter lives in San Antonio an hour and a half away with her husband and fiance. By the Grace of God they are moving closer to Austin! Amen.

Being in Austin, Being in Texas I found that churches and beliefs are slightly different here especially being near Mexico where their are many that still carry those old religious traditions especially in San Antonio. In Austin which is huge on LGTB community along with Mexican Traditions and a large move of Californians here, I had my challenges in the spirit. But with the Grace of God, I learned to learn this new city, it’s culture and to love on every one. My prayer life has strengthen enormously, the Lord has brought other fellow Christians in my life and now, he recently brought into my life a young lady from Tampa Florida that believes and flows in the gifting of the Holyspirit, who has a heart for serving Christ. I believe God will use Faith and I to reach many out here to show the Love of Christ through outreaches,women groups. Grief groups, and whatever the Lord puts in our hearts….

It’s different out here, but we serve a loving powerful God! amen!

Please continue to keep me and this ministry in prayer as I stay faithful to my Lord…

God bless you all!

Lisa Martinez (1)

  1. God is amazing...

AS we are passing this Covid Pandemic, the Lord has truly been a blessing to me & my family! During the pandemic, the Lord laid in my heart to create an online Virtual Woman's group called Together Beyond Blessed on Facebook.  The group has grown as these ladies are seeing miracle after miracle of God's healing power. Amen! He recently added the TBB book club, bible study and P.W.A.P which stands for prayer with a purpose prayer group. He also had my create a public TBB which open to everyone. Amen.  I look forward to seeing what else God will be doing as we continue to grow and expand across the nation and international! Pastor Thomas a dear brother and friend in Kenya Africa, who opened doors for women in Africa to join my group. Amen again!

I know the Lord will bless and expand this ministry through You tube and fb live videos,

I am also a student at Liberty University studying Christian Counseling/ associates in psychology. Once I complete my degree, I am then  going to move into the field of life /accountability coach in 2022, so I am excited as God's vision and purpose for my life is coming to pass at the right time! This world has become more darker as each day passes, and being able to share the gospel and God's love is more important than ever. We must stay in our lane and complete the race. amen!


This is my Story......

After I lost my Daughter in an accident in 2015, it has been a long hard journey, but My Lord has truly given me the strength, understanding, healing, hope and has restored me to go back into Ministry. I am originally from NYC, and moved to Florida in 1995. After 23 years, the Lord place in our spirit to move to higher ground. So, i move out in Faith to Austin Texas, Here is where the my faith and trust was tried as I was on my own with my loyaL Doggie. As this Covid pandemic 2020 approached, it truly had gotten me out of my comfort zone & saw a real need for people to know Jesus and prepare for his coming. The Lord moved in my heart, to reach out to know only learn about my new home state, but where and how to minister in Texas.

Now, in July of 2020, it was time to launch me again into ministry. I enjoy  outreach projects and  Women ministry. He had me create, Together Beyond Blessed women's group.

Below, i left my original introduction as an outreach minister starting in Florida

Thank you for everything...God bless you!



God has Truly changed things around in my calling as I continue to step up to higher levels. Amen!

Hello,My name is Lisa Martinez.I am the Founder & Outreach Project Coordinator for Voices Healing Ministries. The Lord uses me to reach out to the Lost, homeless & those in need through Outreach projects within the community.Through God given ideas we can minister to the homeless , collect donations for single mothers & their children. We also take evangelism to the streets creatively while helping the community by showing the Love of Christ, sharing salvation pamphlets and praying with them.I also partner with local churches and businesses for donations that are needed. When the Lord calls us to do a project, He always provides us with what we need for that particular project such as  food, clothes, personal hygiene products, bibles & a prayer.Being ordained by NACM supports my God given mission and calling. I am honor to say being recognized by such a great and powerful ministry is a tremendous blessing in being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ!Please note: I have been a Minister with NACM since 2013, Life happened in 2015 as my youngest daughter went to be with Jesus causing me to go through a journey of recovery, after 4 years, I believe the Lord has made me strong enough to go back into ministry and so i came back to NACM in 2019.Thank you,

Lisa Martinez

Minister of Jesus Christ


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