And  WE  are  RISEN IN HIM!       For what purpose!

  • That we might have eternal life in Christ and live with the Father, all those in Christ, in heaven forever more!

  • That we would, while yet on this earth in the time the Father gives each of us, LIVE IN & FOR CHRIST and HIS MISSION ALONE!   TO KNOW HIM  and  MAKE HIM KNOWN!   To be His witnesses, yielded to the Holy Spirit within us so to show to others who don’t yet know Him, by caring acts & gracious words, the LOVE & MERCY & SALVATION that is theirs in accepting Jesus as their Lord & Savior – even as He revealed to us.

Let us be about our Father’s business of making Jesus known because we are surrendered to Him, abiding in Him, walking in His Spirit, like never before!  The NEED is GREAT, the TIME is SHORT, and HE WANTS TO USE US like never before!

May this Easter be a time of renewal in Christ and to His purposes for us – like never before!

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