WHETHER FAMILY, SPORTS, SCHOOL,WORK, OR FAITH; SETTING PRIORITIES OFTEN UN-CLUTTERS IT ALL! Today we explore priorities from a Biblical perspective…and end with a book plug!

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September 6, 2019

WHETHER FAMILY, SPORTS, SCHOOL,WORK, OR FAITH; SETTING PRIORITIES OFTEN UN-CLUTTERS IT ALL! Today we explore priorities from a Biblical perspective…and end with a book plug!

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From the Desk- Views, Commentaries, and Opinions
By JohnRHernandez@NDMH-USA (c) September 2019

A minute in the word to me becomes hours, before we go on to this new article. what many people fail to see is how to read between the lines of the bible. Where we read in 1st John 2:15-17 and other places. It talks about the love of the world. My take on it is that of our priorities; where in the order of things do we place our faith and observance of His words?

It doesn’t mean we cannot love life, this world, and or what we have. It means the order of things. What is first in your life? WE CAN DISCUSS IT FURTHER WHENEVER YOU LIKE.
May the Love of Almighty God be with you now and forever. But when for whatever reason it isn’t it doesn’t mean I should shun you. It might mean time to reset your priorities; as in , all things with prayer and supplication.
Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by …

https://biblehub.com › philippians

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Berean Study Bible
‎Philippians 4:6 KJV · ‎Philippians 4:6 NLT · ‎Philippians 4:6 Commentaries

Is it possible that we can extract sense from this statement everything with prayer and supplication? Where are our priorities? What order are we following? God’s or ours? In God’s order He clearly tells us to do what? When we forget to give thanks, to as forgiveness, to pray for light, the right path, decision, a job, a companion, the right answer to what is troubling us? What happens when we don’t get the answer when we want? When we mature in His word we learn to put two and two together not to just sit there and wait for a call from above.

To be continued..

Part II

What Happens When We Lose Our First Love?

What happened at Ephesus? Whom were they worshiping and following and what were their moral, cultural, and religious practices all about. What was their order of things? Whom did they say they loved and whom did Peter say he loved when Jesus asked him? Your actions speak of your intentions; can we sin and yet love God and He us? Without any order there is disorder and the love of God may take on a new projection.

Ephesus took on a new projection by it’s acceptances of paganism and the worship of false Gods. Emperor worship, but only Artemis goddess of fertility reigned supreme in their hearts and minds. While the movement of the faithful rolled on from place to place there were powers and authorities in place with specific rules and regulations. Evangelists call them what you might the word of God prior to Christ prophesied by those God had chosen, given visions to, and even spoke with whom revealed the faith to others had planted its roots far and wide.

Ephesus prior to Paul can be envisioned like Hitler’s Germany during the Inquisition of the Jews in fact the Inquisition might was child’s to what The Grand Mufti OF Jerusalem and Germany’s Adolph Hitler both had in mind for Jews, and all others INCLUDING GERMANS!!. Gas chambers and wholesale executions by gun fire! Today in America we have wholesale Shadow Banning of those who speak in offense or against the powers that be in social media and other chambers. (Ask me about it?).

In fact the use of foulmouthed EXPRESSIONS should reveal to us the temperament and state or place in history where we are as a society when it’s acceptable to call the President of the US a foul word I won’t use here or when a sitting senator can hope for the day he is assassinated. But, nevertheless where would you say the priorities of some if not many in our society are in some circles today?When even in the latest news we are allowed to see the foul mouthed messages of those who hate this nation, this flag, this bible, and even US!

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION AND OBSERVATION IS THAT NOT AN INQUISITION, OR SOME FORM OF PSYCHOLOGICAL POGROM. Are we to just sit back and allow it to happen without standing up and speaking our minds like Steven did even unto death?
At the beginning of this article I talked about our priorities with respect to the world and our love of it. It would seem today many have drawn the line for themselves; like battle lines.

They have chosen their priorities in whom they shall worship till the end; perhaps until the right person comes along and opens the word of God with them and frees them of all those evil spirits that lurk in their hearts and minds??? So where are your priorities? Are you spreading the word in one way or the other? You must be as cunning as snakes and humble as doves. Poor Barthemaius blind and helpless till he heard the words got up and was freed of his blindness!

May the Words of Almighty God reveal His truths to you, help free you of the ignorance and hatred of others that is in this world today, and build in you a heart of love for others strong enough to give you the strength to share His words with The Captives-Addicted, Possessed, and or but including those in Penal institutions, The Infermed, the Elderly, The Young and Ignorant, the Blind in Spirit-For if any Spirit has misguided them-Gently preach the Word in season and out of season; wherever possible within reason.

From another sinner just like you,

For if we say we have not sinned we lie and the love of God is not in us for only one is worthy to be called sinless because he lived a sinless life, was shunned by many , and murdered because of it and what he taught us all, but if he had not lived and fulfilled his duty to share God’s love with this world for what greater love is there..!

Oh and a note from my teacher, he says it could take me about 5 years before I can be ordained because in all his life I have been the most unruly of all! And so I looked into his tired and weary eyes shined his spectacles once again thanked him for his free instructions and humbly exited the chambers while gently shutting the door behind me.

“Artemis of the Ephesians – That the World May Know

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Who was Artemis, The supposed goddess of fertility. Who worshiped her? She was probably the most worshiped deity in Asia and perhaps the world during …

Ephesian officials, however, protected Paul and his followers and eventually Christianity became the city’s official religion. Feb 2, 2018
Ephesus – HISTORY

https://www.history.com › topics › ancient-greece › ephesus

Search for: What was the main religion in Ephesus?
Was Ephesus part of the Roman Empire?
Ephesus changed hands numerous times after its founding (Persian, Egyptian, then Greek again), and in 133 BCE, became part of the Roman Empire. Oct 10, 2016
Ephesus, Turkey: Astounding Ancient Greek and Roman Ruins …

https://www.aroundtheworldl.com › ephesus-ancient-ruins” SOURCES: https://www.google.com/search…

So in the study of history we can learn these things we can extract and define the truth in the world. What men have worshiped: money, life, the constellations and what order of things have they given priority to?” By John R Hernandez, Jr. (c) September 7, 2019

My thanks to all my readers new and old,

I want to thank Almighty God first today for giving me once again the opportunity to put this
First Official Publishing
of my article here today on September 6, 2019 on my


He knows I haven’t made a penny from any of writing work in over 10 years now. Needless to say If no one else thought of all my work worthy of any wages I for one will thank Almighty God for all He has taught me from the millions of keyed words in these long and heavy 10 years!

I started this day by opening my eyes and finding the mother of all viruses wreaking havoc all over my computer. At a loss for words, I embarked on un-cluttering the attack and it took an hour or more, I think, to succeed. In calming it down long enough to get this article out.

Lucky for me you say! After 10 years and some others at college I learned a few secrets in the Sword of the Spirit. Miraculously I embarked on this article; trying to forget when my friends in virus land would return to surprise the heck out of me, again?

Just thought I’d let you know about the life of a starving writer. (Update by the way it has taken me till September 27,2019 and 2 broken PC’s thanks to the enemy I just fixed my third one here to come back to you today and finish this article.)

Thanks and enjoy,

John R Hernandez, Jr.

Once again…,

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    To all my family on NACM as I said in the other comment I’ve been going through a lot lately passed few years the usual treatment by the adversary. Part of the job description being a believer. Sure you all aware of that by now. Good to have a family though, I’m old fashion; age does that to you along with life experiences. So let me just say that I pray in Spirit for each and every one of us suffering, ignoring or too proud to admit, and those you know just observing. Today, again I included in my prayers the long list of ‘wants’ new computer etc., I’d also like to pray for the physically hurting, the lonely and abandoned, those in need but unable to acquire, and for everyone else in need of Christ. May almighty God keep you all safe, Amen.

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