6 thoughts on “Biblically Accurate Angels Might Be Creepy”

  1. I'm wondering if brother Bao is saying that angles don't need to walk in faith as they are part of the spiritual side of God. They see God, they are with God. They work for God. No faith is required. I have seen and felt God in so many situations in my life. It makes it easy for me to believe that He is real. Paul Holcomb mentioned free will. Apparently they were given free will. If angles didn't have free will, there would be no lucifer, no demons. I believe a few times in my life I have been "entertained" by angles. It is something that you can't prove, even to yourself. They are some of those things that reinforce that God is real to me. At the same time I realize what a blessing that is. I have seen but "blessed are those that haven't seen but believe by faith." Now that's a paraphrase but I realize how important faith is. That  spiritual world of angles and demons is a little scary, but our world is a little scary sometimes. It's exciting to think of the battle that goes on around us. I know I for the most part take it for granted but believe we should be more involved in that spiritual war that is around us. Anyway we know who wins.  

  2. It is possible to see Angels as reflections of God…created as spiritual beings to reflect the source of true light. 

    Revelations 12:4 suggests a matter of free will as an aspect of Angels' ability to choose. This was the case when 1/3 was cast from heaven along with Satan.

    It is suggested that although Angels may have supernatural qualities…more power than humans… they are allotted only what God chooses them to have. 

    It's is suggested that they are given watch over us…"those that are holy."They are ministers to us. Obviously…there are those that seek to hinder us…and they are in the other camp.

    I don't see scripture that suggests Christ's redemptive work was meant for angels…and that implies even more of a "spirit"…possibly without the element of a soul. 

    It is fun to talk about…but at the end of the day I believe angels are very much reflectors with free will. 

  3. My understanding of angels, as simple as it may be, is that they are beings who stand in the presence of, and look upon the face of God. They are ministering spirits that are fearless, totally obedient, and totally faithful. If they are as I understand, may I postulate that they do not need faith, because they live by and in, the physical and spiritual presence of God. Acting upon His express orders and direction.

    Just a thought.

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