The Condition of Denominations in Christianity

Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder Reporting for the National Association of Christian Ministers The Present Condition of Christianity According to the World Christian Encyclopedia (2001), there are approximately 33,820 denominations of Christianity in the world. How should we resolve this conflict? Frankly this large number of division should not come as any surprise; before Christianity was … Read more

Should we think biblically about our politics or politically about our faith?

By Bill Haslam, Syndicated from the Christian Times Two-term governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam. | Bill Haslam In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis points out that God reveals political ends in the Bible, but he is not as specific about the means to achieve those ends. We are supposed to feed the hungry, but we are not told how … Read more

Christians preaching the Gospel?

By Steven Begakis, Syndicated from the Christian Post Is the central message of American evangelicalism today that God opposes racism, or is it the good news that God offers salvation to those who are guilty of racism? Over the last year, the moralistic message of the “Black Lives Matter” movement has too often eclipsed the Christian … Read more

Only 6% of Americans have a ‘biblical worldview.’

By Michael Gryboski, Syndicated from the Christian Post  Only 6% of Americans have a “biblical worldview,” according to research from notable evangelical pollster George Barna released as part of a new endeavor with the Christian conservative advocacy organization Family Research Council. In a statement Wednesday, FRC announced that Barna, who founded the influential evangelical polling organization Barna Group, … Read more

Chaplain-led courtroom prayers ruled unconstitutional

By Emily Wood, Syndicated from the Christian Post  A judge has issued a decree banning a Christian Texas judge from opening his courtroom proceedings in prayer, providing a legal victory to a prominent secular legal organization.  The Freedom from Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit established to promote a strict separation of church and state, won … Read more

Study: 43% of millennials ‘don’t know, care, believe’ God exists

By Leah MarieAnn Klett, Syndicated from the Christian Post  Just 26% of Gen X and 16% of millennials believe that when they die, they will go to Heaven only because they confessed their sins and accepted Jesus as their savior, compared to nearly half of the generation before them, a new study has found. The American … Read more

Atheist Says Babies with Down’s Syndrome Should be Aborted

Syndicated from Christian Today  Aborting babies with Down’s syndrome or “serious” disabilities would be “wise and sensible,” atheist Richard Dawkins has said. The God Delusion author was put on the spot about a 2014 tweet in which he said it would be “immoral” to bring a baby with Down’s syndrome into the world if given the choice.  … Read more

Americans curse about five times every waking hour.

According to a report by Business Insider, Americans curse about five times every waking hour.  That is an average of 80 to 90 curse words every day.   Below are a few contrasting verses for consideration:   Isaiah said: “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and … Read more