Priesthood of All Believers

By Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder This article:  1) defines the priesthood of all believers; 2) reviews its origin in church history; and 3) supports the doctrine with scripture. Protestantism is a Christian system of beliefs that resulted in the independent separation of believers from the authority of the Catholic Church.  This event in church history was not intended to condemn … Read more

Something that Hit Me One Night…

It’s a truth that I think we all realize, but it really hit me one night. God is infinitely good and infinitely innocent, so any sin, and all sins are ultimately committed against Him, is an infinite offense. On our own, our only option after death is to pay for that sin infinitely, for all … Read more

Atheist Says Babies with Down’s Syndrome Should be Aborted

Syndicated from Christian Today  Aborting babies with Down’s syndrome or “serious” disabilities would be “wise and sensible,” atheist Richard Dawkins has said. The God Delusion author was put on the spot about a 2014 tweet in which he said it would be “immoral” to bring a baby with Down’s syndrome into the world if given the choice.  … Read more