There’s a Biblical Message Hidden in Bitcoin Block 666,666

A recently mined Bitcoin block contained an Easter egg for on-chain enthusiasts. By Shaurya Malwa In brief A recently mined Bitcoin block contained a biblical message. It joined other historically significant messages imprinted on Bitcoin, such as Satoshi Nakamoto’s messages on the genesis block. Such messages are immutable and remain on the blockchain forever. The Bible … Read more

Tensions rise over California church’s anti-LGBTQ message

Article by Tim Haddock Syndicated from Mercury News Tension has flared up between leadership of the First Works Baptist Church and some members of the community who are outraged by the church’s anti-LGBTQ message. The church’s pastor filed a police report over an online arson threat and a protest against the church is planned this … Read more

Chaplaincy CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educ) Classes Starting Soon! (FEB 2021)

ATTENTION NACM MEMBER CHAPLAINS interested in acquiring CPE Training (towards Board Certification for Professional Chaplain) Our NACM Member Chaplain & trainer for CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educ.), Chaplain “Chappy” Ron Ringo (PhD, CPE), has opened registration until the end of this month of January, 2021, for classes starting early FEB.  Chaplain Ron provides a very reasonable … Read more

2021 Ordination Confirmation of NACM member minister from Kenya

ORDINATION CONFIRMATION of KENYA CHURCH MINISTER REV GEOFFREY KINYUA: JANUARY 14, 2021! What a great way to start the New Year, as I had the privilege to confirm the ordination of NACM member minister, Rev. Geoffrey Kinyua! Geoffrey had connected with me through the NACM Christian Chaplaincy Course, expressing his desire to have the laying-0n-of-hands … Read more

Disease and danger may explain why humans embrace rituals.

BY TIM VERNIMMEN, Syndicated from National Geographic Earlier this month, people around the world participated in one of humankind’s largest ritualized celebrations. To commemorate another trip around the sun, New Year activities included fireworks, kisses, and resolutions—as well as some practices unique to specific cultures, such as cooking black-eyed peas and greens in the southeastern United States, eating … Read more

‘Shaking A Fist In The Creator’s Face’: Franklin Graham Slams Gender-Neutral House Rules, ‘Awoman’ Prayer

Article By Dan Brown; Syndicated from the Daily Wire.   Evangelist Franklin Graham blasted the recent gender-neutral changes made to the House of Representatives’ official rules as a direct attack on the authority of God. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressman James McGovern announced a set of changes to the House rules to enshrine … Read more

Reflecting on scripture has stress dampening effect for Christians

Article by ERIC W. DOLAN; Syndicated from In a recently-published study in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, researchers found evidence that reflecting on biblical scripture impacted subsequent cardiovascular stress reactivity among Christian college students. The findings provide new insights into how religious practices can influence psychophysiological processes. “I have a long-term interest … Read more

Into 2021: NACM Chaplaincy Course Trains over 1,000 Members!

         Rev Rodger Niemeier, NACM Chaplaincy Program Director I’m so happy to report at the beginning of this 2021 year, with so many challenges to face in America as well as many countries around the world, the NACM has added to the Lord’s “army” over 1,030 ordained, trained (through our NACM Christian … Read more