Upcoming Gatherings and Announcements | May 2022

WASHINGTON/OREGON JOINT STATES GATHERING May 14th! 42 NACM MEMBER MINISTERS & Guests HAVE ALREADY SIGNED UP – so SPACE is now limited! See details here: https://nacministers.org/groups/washington/forum/topic/update-april-25-on-the-joint-washington-oregon-states-gathering-register-now/ Massachusetts Gathering May 14th at the Veronica Robles center, 282 Meridian St, Boston MA. From 2:00 to 5:00 PM. See details here: https://nacministers.org/groups/massachusetts/forum/topic/state-spring-meeting/ Florida: May 22, 2022 at 4 PM … Read more

CPE Courses for Chaplaincy Board Certification: Register now for JUNE!

Our NACM Christian Chaplain RON RINGER is getting ready for the JUNE (end of the month) semester for CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education units – required for chaplain board certification, for professional chaplaincy): CPE (CLINICAL PASTORAL EDUCATION) – the 4 UNITS REQUIRED for becoming a certified “professional chaplain/pastoral counselor” (opening doors to becoming a paid staff … Read more

Which way to God?

Which way to God?   Jesus said we were in the last days 2000 years ago, so we are closer now than ever. We are in the final harvest now, I believe. He wants every person to be saved , He doesn’t want even one person to go to hell. He made a way for … Read more

This for someone

I don’t care what anyone says, you and God make a majority. This word isn’t for everyone, but it’s for someone. Don’t be afraid, if you know He is with you, then it is guaranteed you’ll be alright. Trust Him! If He shows up when you pray and worship, and He fellowships with you, then … Read more

Obedience to GOD

= Obedience to GOD = Acts 5:29 “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said,We ought to obey God rather than men.” OBEDIENCE TO GOD ~ IS THE KEY TO GOD’S HEART ! Why is it that, mankind goes out of it’s way to follow, and to repeat ~~and to do the things the ‘world’ says to do – … Read more

Illinois State Coordinating Elder Rev Bobb Wright announces & invites NACM members (in Illinois and ALL members): The Illinois State Gathering is being held this Saturday May 21st in Decatur, Illinois.  The planning committee has done and awesome job of ensuring that this is a no fee event.  Anyone still interested in attending must indicate … Read more

Are you empty for God?

Are you empty for God?   Interesting question isn’t it? so many ways that can be asked, interpreted, understood.   Let’s ask another question. Are you filled with the indwelt Spirit of God? Is there a place in you reserved exclusively for Him?           One more….. Have you emptied yourself to … Read more

Revelations of Hope

Jehovah Shammah – Jehovah Shalom The Everspring of Hope The Lord is present. The Lord is our peace.   I see all around me a world without God, a world living in fear and deception; a world living in turmoil because they do not know true peace. And I see also in stark contrast, points … Read more