Priesthood of All Believers

By Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder This article:  1) defines the priesthood of all believers; 2) reviews its origin in church history; and 3) supports the doctrine with scripture. Protestantism is a Christian system of beliefs that resulted in the independent separation of believers from the authority of the Catholic Church.  This event in church history was not intended to condemn … Read more

A Call to the Preservation and Perseverance of Our Faith

A Message for the Year 2021 A Call to the Preservation and Perseverance of Our Faith Michael Mooney, Serving Our Lord as NACM President As Christians we have a responsibility to preserve our faith, values, and practices for the generations to come. This is all the more important in the presence of the world we … Read more

Top 10 Mistakes Pastors Make in Planting Churches

The National Association of Christian Ministers conducted a survey of ministers from a wide variety of backgrounds asking this question: What are the top 10 mistakes pastors make in church planting?  The responses were collected and reviewed by a smaller team of diversely selected ministers to chose the 10 responses that they thought were most … Read more

What if it Does Not Work?

By Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder   When it comes to church/ministry planning, there is always a very important perspective to consider:   What if God is or is not in it? Does success mean blessing? Does failure mean you did not choose the path of God’s will? How are success and failure correctly defined?   … Read more

The Condition of Denominations in Christianity

Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder Reporting for the National Association of Christian Ministers The Present Condition of Christianity According to the World Christian Encyclopedia (2001), there are approximately 33,820 denominations of Christianity in the world. How should we resolve this conflict? Frankly this large number of division should not come as any surprise; before Christianity was … Read more


STUDY ~ STUDY ~ STUDY ~ OFTEN ! 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (Prayer and systematic) [study] are the keys to feasting on the “meat” of GOD’S Word. {Systematic study}: Looking at relationships, attempting to attribute causes and effects … Read more

Something Out of Luke...

I just finished Luke 17. Putting aside the rapture, the very beginning of the chapter got me to thinking that, even though we can never truly be perfect like the Father, Christ is giving us advice on becoming better than we were, not just in His word, but in examples, like the cleansed Samaritan leper. … Read more

Something Caught My Eye in Isaiah...

I actually did a study on the book some weeks ago. It’s interesting to me that the book is so encouraging and comforting. Much of the book is about comforting and encouraging the Israelites in regard to the hard times coming their way. They’re promised about the coming Messiah, who can take away their sins. … Read more

Confession, Sin and Salvation

A frequently asked question is:“what happens if I sin, and then I die before I have an opportunityto confess that sin to GOD?”Another common question is:“what happens if I commit a sin,but then forget about it and never remember toconfess it to GOD?” Both of these questions teeter on faulty assumptions — Salvation is not a … Read more