Bible has contradictions

Response to "the Bible had contradictions argument"

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Response to the argument: "The Bible has contradictions."

By Michael Mooney 

When witnessing to others, every minister is bound to encounter “the Bible has contradictions” argument.  Regarding such, my experience with people who use this line of argumentation is that they are usually uninformed.  Therefore, such rebuttals to the efforts of evangelism are merely excuses for not having taken responsibility for the condition of their souls.  


Contrary to common thinking, it seems that the best way to deal with people like this is to ignore the proposed contradiction(s), and focus on the person claiming unbelief.  In other words, if you start to argue the meanings of Biblical paradoxes it will only lead to further denials by the unbeliever.  This is because they really are not concerned about contradictions. They are merely using such as an excuse to avoid the truth.  Here is how you may help them to realize this:


"Sir, I can appreciate your concern.  Who in their right mind would want to believe something that is full of inconsistent reasoning?  Now I imagine since you are really concerned with truth, you must have spent quite I great deal of time searching the scriptures to notice these apparent inconsistencies."


Note at this point you will discover that 9 out of 10 have not really studied the scriptures that intently -but they are not likely to admit it.  However, you are reinforcing a doubt of their own ability to interpret scripture because of their lack of study.




"Sir, since you have done this, surely you also noticed some very good insights about how to make good decisions in life, right?"


Note now you are redirecting their attention to the truths of scripture.




"After really embracing the truths that you found, I imagine that you began to live your life by them.  I would like to ask you two things here:


1) What was the outcome of living according to these truths in scripture?


2) How did it make you feel when you realized that you had been following the Bible, but discovered that it had contradictions?"


Note the point here is to help them realize in a subtle way that they really have not been taking their search for truth very seriously.

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