A Real Conspiracy

There is a lot of talk about conspiracies today, here’s a real one.  A loving, honest, giving man, who recognized the less fortunate, fed the hungry, healed the sick, had compassion on the lonely, gave of Himself to others and always spoke the truth, though He did nothing wrong, was arrested, though He was declared innocent at His trial was condemned to die, that’s a conspiracy!

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I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father and a friend. After a long courtship I married my high school sweetheart.  Several years later came our two children. 38 years later my wife is still my sweetheart.  A year ago I became a grandfather to Charlotte and in six months her brother will arrive.From the earliest age I believed and talked to God. From the earliest age I was not very fond of the local church.   My family were unsaved C & E attenders and I had lots of excuses for not going. As a junior in high school I met my sweetheart who was a believer and faithful church attender.   You can guess the rest of the story, church every Sunday to be with her, an on fire pastor sharing the gospel with me, my believing and receiving the Lord Jesus Christ, my attending a Bible believing, Bible teaching, Bible living church, my being surrounded by loving saints and my growing in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.Through the journey I have been associated with several faith traditions and am now currently attending a conservative church in the United Methodist tradition. (Please pray for this fellowship as they face major challenges at the national meeting in February.) This is my wife’s childhood church and the church in which we were married.I am currently a sound technician helping with the church audio system. I was recently asked to be a lay speaker and am looking forward to preaching God’s Word to God’s people. I was also asked to chair the “Reach Out” committee.  My friend Mark and I are planning neighborhood evangelism this summer.I was really surprised at Christmas when I was asked by my lovely niece to conduct their wedding service, her pastor having recently retired.I currently work as a residential salesman for a HVAC company. I have been in sales and or management for over 25 years.I am an amateur radio operator volunteering for public service and government organizations. I don’t love to fish but I love to catch fish which I don’t do very often. I love to sail and once sailed a yacht to Tobemoray Ontario Canada. I love to learn and understand the Scriptures. I don’t believe their is anything more important than spiritual things like praying with others in need or sharing the reality of the objective self-authenticating truth of God’s Word.I believe that Jesus is building His church. I believe that church is what is happening now in God’s program. Regardless of the church’s struggles or how one feels about it, it should not be forsaken. We need to see the church as Christ sees the church, as He loves it, as He cares for it, as His bride.

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  1. Yes, the crowd that hollered “crucify him”, were hand selected to do so. I’ve read studies, that have suggested, that the hour that this group of people were out condemning Jesus, was early – in fact, too early for the “good” people to be up and stirring yet – so the Pharisees found some under-handed people lingering around (probably paid them off, as they did Jesus) to ensure that Jesus was condemned… (mama was right, “nothing good happens after midnight”) — and that has the marks of conspiracy all over it! Yet, there’s a billion conspiracies (call them corruptions) in our world with us today; for Jesus was right “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also!” We love pet-sins, which ultimately leads to corruption & conspiracies! Help us all Lord Jesus!

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